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Cutoff date for January box: December 15th

First Round: Jan 1-15th

Second Round: Jan 15 - 31st

Cutoff date for March box: February 15th

First Round: March 1 - 15th

Second Round: March 15 - 31st

Cutoff date for May box: April 15th

First Round: May 1 - 15th

Second Round: May 15 - 31st

Cutoff date for July box: June 15th

First Round: July 1 - 15th

Second Round: July 15 - 31st

Cutoff date for September box: August 15th

First Round: Sept 1 - 15th

Second Round: Sept 15 - 30th

Cutoff date for November box: October 15th

First Round: Nov 1 - 15th

Second Round: Nov 15 - 31st


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* if purchased after cutoff date, your order will be processed as part of the following monthly order